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Statistical Packages and Econometrics

As described in Course Description, I use MS Excel to illustrate how descriptive and inferential statistical analyses may be conducted using computers. This software is chosen because students have already had some exposures to MS Office, and they also have free access to this package at the University of Oklahoma.

Upon completion of this course, students are able to learn more about statistical packages. As indicated in the lecture series, there are many packages out there. (Wikipedia, for instance, keeps a long list of those packages). Given what students have access to at the University of Oklahoma, I recommend the following courses.

Go on Lynda, sign in using your 4×4, and look for:

  • Statistics with Excel (part one is 3h45m, and part two is 2h)
  • Learning R (2h25m)
  • R for Excel Users (1h26m)
  • R Statistics Essential Training (5h59m)
  • Python for Data Science Essential Training (6h32m)

The above are video series, using which you may learn how to employ statistical packages for descriptive and inferential statistical analyses. At this point, this is your choice. Given your background and interest, you may choose any of the above courses. Excel is already available to you. R and Python are also freely available. Go for the package of your choice, and have fun learning.

Also, if you would like to learn more about applied statistics and inference in economics, I encourage you to take this online course in econometrics. It is offered by Dr. Josh Angrist, who is an MIT econometrician. If you would like to go into more details, I encourage you to take the econometrics course that is offered regularly at our department. The above online course could, in fact, complement our on-campus course.